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Max Mitchell's love for cardboard art began in childhood as he used his creativity to make cardboard toys for his brother. This love grew during his involvement with the Bo Bartlett Center's "Home Is Where the Art Is" program for the homeless at the Rose Hill Safe House.


Max now lives on his own in the Bibb City area of Columbus and is able to support himself through the sale of his art and part-time work with Helen Brooks Art. He also receives training in art and trades as he assists artists in the Mill District Studios in their daily work.


Max puts much thought, time, and heart into crafting each unique piece, and your purchase allows him to continue to grow as an artist and encourage others with his art and stories.



"I come from Columbus, GA.

I was born in Moss, Alabama. 


I like painting and drawing a lot, that is the reason I come to art classes. I was blessed through God and my art teacher Bo. He is a sweet person, and he teaches you how to do it."



"I come from Columbus, GA.

I was in Alabama in Phenix City.


I live for Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Ghost. God gave me the gift of drawing. I love the art class; it is very joyful to me and it keeps my mind occupied. I like to be around people that are with Jesus. That is what God wants to be. When I go to Church, I praise Glory for his name."



"Art is fun and creative and brings joy. In college, I read The Art Spirit by Robert Henri. Art lets you share your spirit with others. It brings happiness to your heart."



"I am a Christian Visual Artist from Atlanta, Ga.


Thanks be to God for bringing me a new life here in Columbus, GA. My Art is a ministry. People witness the love of God through creativity."

Keyondra comes each Thursday morning to paint with and help inspire program participants.




"I am from Florida.


There is an artist in my family.

My personal experience with art involves appreciating how it inspires an individual in different way."

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Bobby has been a participant in the Home Is Where The Art Is program since it’s inception. He is always quick to laugh and quick to help other participants who are struggling with the mechanics of how to draw and paint. He helps out in many ways not the least of which is being a bright light in our midst. 



Anthony has made so much progress in the program. When we met he was living under a bramble of old dying trees near the railroad tracks. Once he started drawing in the program he regained a sense of self-worth and eventually got a job and an apartment. He’s grown so much artistically and personally. He went from graphite drawings to colored pencil to painting in full color. Now he sometimes combines the mediums to great ends. He is prolific and sells his work to make a living. He still struggles at times with the difficulties of managing the responsibilities of life.. but on a good day, any given Thursday morning.. you’ll find him in the program leaning over his panel.. working away.. making beautiful paintings.



Elva does beautiful work often incorporating painted stencils and stick-on lettering. She likes pattern and repeated motifs. Her pieces look and feel like her.. direct and sweet, with a sense of humor.

Rose Brooks.png


Rose always has a smile for everyone, her work is filled with patterns, like her twin Caroline, she comes every week. They sit there quietly never saying a word.. and make at least one painting a week. Their colorful work is pure and direct. Sometimes it’s poetic and lovely and sometimes it’s raw and teetering.. but it’s always a surprise and a delight to the senses.

Caroline Ross.png


Caroline is soft spoken, but the flowers she paints are bright and bold. While she loves watercolors, she has adapted her method over the years to acrylic on canvas, creating pieces filled with Joy

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